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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Introducing The Piglet Pink Theme!

After a lot of hard work and xml determination.. Here it is!!

I've themed the browser, calculator, calendar, contacts, email and MMS apks as well...

More Colors.xml

I may have missed some stuff the first time around. So here is more colors.xml. I only changed the "light" colored items as I was trying to determine that darn radio button text... so here goes.

color name ="white" Text on widgets, twitter background opened (shown blue)

color name = "bright_foreground_dark" - Lockscreen text, popup header and text, menu text (shown red)

color name = "bright_foreground_dark_disabled" - parts of settings text (shown yellow)

color name = "bright_foreground_dark_inverse" - selected menu text, it's this selected.. I couldn't get it to screenprint.

color name = "bright_foreground_light" - button text, radio button menu, status updates, search history text, search bar text, bold notification text (shown orange)

As you can see above, I have found the text, however this poses a problem since it is also the color of the buttons. If I make it light for the buttons, it wont show on the menu, and if I make it dark for the menu, it wont show on the buttons. My solution is to make the buttons lighter, as I can't find the png file for the background of this popup.

Monday, October 10, 2011


OK now I picked apart Drawables.xml and found the following

Line 13 - screen_background_dark - Red - Backgrounds
Line 20 - status_bar_opened_default_background - Purple - Dividers on Background

Line 14 - screen_background_dark -Orange - Calendar Days and Search Background (sorry they're landscape)
Line 22 - safe_mode_background - Pink - Possibly Search Text and dividers on search

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Doing another rainbow test using styles.xml textcolor areas I was able to determine a few things of what is what.

The Lines may not be the same on your styles.xml, but their respective names should be. Keep in mind this is for CM7 based ROMS.

Line 293 widget.button - button text

Line 387 widget.edittext - status update for facebook etc.

Line 539 TextAppearance.Large.Inverse - Large text in menu for shut down etc.

Line 545 TextAppearance.Medium - Lockscreen text, and text on popups (red in pics)

Line 554 TextAppearance.Small - small text in menus (black in pic)

Line 557 TextAppearance.Small.Inverse - small text in menu for shut down etc (sound is on etc.)

Line 566 TextAppearance.Widget.IconMenu.Item - menu from desktop where settings etc is (purple)

Line 591 TextAppearance.Widget.DropDown.Item text next to radio buttons in ADW, but not rest of CM7, contact dropdown in sms

Line 594 TextAppearance.Widget.TextView.SpinnerItem choose text in dropdown box (the 2nd one)

Line 599 TextAppearance.WindowTitle word on top "settings" "app name" etc. (Lockscreen settings)

Line 707 TextAppearance.StatusBar.EventContent notification details (15 unread messages)

Line 712 TextAppearance.StatusBar.EventContent.Title notification (Bold: New Messages)

Line 847 Widget.TextView.ListSeparator details between lists (General, Music Controls)

Line 912 TextAppearance.SlidingTabNormal Unlock text on slider in lockscreen

Line 920 TextAppearance.SlidingTabActive unlock text pressed on slider in lockscreen
Too hard to get a screenprint of... its the same as the above except for when you actually hit the dot.

I still can't find this one