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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still plugging away

So I got my Mms.apk all set now... I've been working on framework-res.apk for several days. Damn .9.png files take SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to edit LOL
This is the theme I am using... it's pretty pink, purple, green and red. I'm hoping everything works out well in the end... and I won't have any errors compiling.

So I downloaded & installed the Google gadget bar today. To go along with my Google Chrome browser and Google Android phone (Google can I get some promotional $$ here LOL) So far so good. There wasn't a putty app like on the regular Windows7 gadget so I had to keep that one up. I also can't find a good RTM sync. The  one I did find directed me to a page in German. That's OK because Google Chrome automatically translated it for me but I couldn't find a way to sync it with my RTM account....

IDK if I'm gonna keep this gadget bar or go back to the regular Win7 one... I'm trying it out for a few days then we'll see.

Monday, August 1, 2011


So I'm theming my Motorola Cliq. Made some custom images in Fireworks, and also used the Kitchen. Now I'm working on the MMS.apk. It seems I got 1/2 of it themed, all my outgoing texts have the new background color but the incoming are still black LOL. I also gtg back into framework-res.apk and edit some xml files to change the text for the dropdown bar (or whatever its called)

Anyhow this is what I've got so far... ngiordano is helping me on simply android... my fav site

I didn't realize I can't pull systemUI.apk down to edit after it's already edited :-( its all good though cause I have the original edited one (does that make sense) on my laptop so I can use that one. I need to decompile and edit the xml file to change the default text color on the bar up top. As can be seen above, the text is white and the background is light green so its like impossible to see the text!! Its a WIP but I plan on uploading it to Simply Android when completed...if only I could figure how to edit those darn .9 images!!!!!!! They kept messing up my phone all weekend... had to re-install my ROM several times!