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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Still plugging away

So I got my Mms.apk all set now... I've been working on framework-res.apk for several days. Damn .9.png files take SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to edit LOL
This is the theme I am using... it's pretty pink, purple, green and red. I'm hoping everything works out well in the end... and I won't have any errors compiling.

So I downloaded & installed the Google gadget bar today. To go along with my Google Chrome browser and Google Android phone (Google can I get some promotional $$ here LOL) So far so good. There wasn't a putty app like on the regular Windows7 gadget so I had to keep that one up. I also can't find a good RTM sync. The  one I did find directed me to a page in German. That's OK because Google Chrome automatically translated it for me but I couldn't find a way to sync it with my RTM account....

IDK if I'm gonna keep this gadget bar or go back to the regular Win7 one... I'm trying it out for a few days then we'll see.

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